28 3 / 2012

Curv.me launches new website builder

We’ve just launched our new website builder and you can start out using it for free and then upgrade to unlock all of the features.

Our website builder is probably the easiest builder on the market to use. It requires no design or coding skills and can be set up in 5 minutes.

All accounts start out free and users can upgrade to:

  • open more fonts
  • choose from more themes
  • get analytics
  • remove the curv.me branding 
  • use their own domain name (ie: www.yourcompany.com)

 The website builder is perfect for:

  • small businesses needing an online presence that easily links to their social media pages
  • freelancers
  • businesses needing campaign pages or landing pages
  • business who are opening new divisions

Give it a spin today at www.curv.me or view some examples at:

  1. http://daydle.com/
  2. http://curv.me/model-inc/
  3. http://curv.me/paws-pet-shop/

23 11 / 2011

Curv.me Real Time Analytics

You’ve got to love the new Real Time analytics in Google Analytics.

I’ve just checked out our Real Time Analytics and it’s great to see people from the US, Scandinavia, Africa and Australia all using curv.me at the same time (and we only went live 12 hours ago!).

We’re excited and we hope you are too!

Check out curv.me and join the modern way to resumé.


Phase 2 is just for you. Register your early interest - the first 2,500 recruitment companies to register will get early entry and significant discounts when we launch.

07 10 / 2011

10 Reasons why you’ll love your Curv.me resumé

We’re so close to our private Beta launch and we can’t wait to see what people think. Before curv.me launches we thought we’d give Job Seekers a little taste of what is to come.

Note: Recruiters, phase 2 is all about you. That’s all we can say right now … oh, and that the recruitment product in phase 2 will be available by the end of the year.

So, here’s 10 reasons why we think you’ll make Curv.me the destination for your resumé:

1.It’s a more personal Resumé (its visual, its got video, links to social media)

2.It’s online so you can access it anytime, anywhere

3.Information is arranged in bite sized chunks so recruiters and employers can quickly and easily scan your resumé (yes, they ‘scan’ all resumés for key words so they’ll love you for it)

4.Easily add a video to improve your chances of getting shortlisted

5.Link to your website, blog and social media pages (yes, adding social media links is a good idea. Recruiters will find them anyway so be upfront and show them who you are)

6.It’s easy to use. If you can type and upload images to the internet you’ll be a Curv pro

7.It’s free

8.It’s paper, .doc and software free

9.It’s a modern Resumé for a switched on world

10.Use it as a full Resumé or just as an online Bio, it’s your choice.

Get in early and join the Private Beta

You can still get an invite to the private beta by signing up at Curv.me

Curv.me - A modern way to resumé

05 10 / 2011

Curv.me - a better way to resumé. Private Beta is launching soon, but you can still get an early invite at http://curv.me