20 12 / 2011

How recruiters read your resumé

Is your resumé failing to get any ‘bites’?

It’s always good to know what people on the other side are thinking. Here’s an article written for recruiters on ‘How Resumés Get Read’. Before submitting your next resumé keep this in mind.

The main thing to remember is that your resumé only gets 30 seconds of a recruiters time. If they like what they see you’ll be given more consideration … is not it’s ‘file 13’ for your resumé.

Curv your resumé

curv.me has been designed specifically to get candidates over the 30 second hurdle. To create your curv.me resumé or CV for free click here

Read the full story on How Resumés get Read.

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18 12 / 2011

Christmas and your resumé

Lets be honest, completing a resumé isn’t going to be the most exciting thing you do over the holidays.

BUT, if you’ve been in the job market for a while or are a recent graduate or you’re just contemplating a change in jobs, then the holidays are the perfect time to perfect your resumé.

Curv.me resumés are free and take less than 10 minutes to create. However, if you’re serious about creating a resumé / CV that will assist in getting you the job you want then we suggest taking your time to craft it.

Once you’ve completed your curv.me resumé, analyse each section. Can you make it shorter while adding more punch? 

Put yourself in the hiring managers shoes. What do you think other people will think once they’ve read your resumé. Will they understand what your skills are and how your skills will help them?

Do your skills match the position you’re applying for?

Once you’ve analysed your resumé, log out and come back to it after Christmas Day. Do you still think it is the best representation of you and your professional career?

Tweak it again and ask others to critique too. Use the holidays to your advantage and make sure that you’re resumé is as good as it can possibly be by the time January comes around.

You can see other curv.me resumés and CV’s here and you can sign up free here.

14 12 / 2011

The Twesume (Twitter Resumé)

Twesumés - good or bad?

There’s a post on Mashable that is doing the rounds about Twesumés. That’s right … Twesumé … where Twitter meets the resumé.

When I first saw the headline “How a 140-character Twitter Resumé could land your next job" I was expecting the worst, but I have to say that I agree with the idea of Twesumés.

It forces you to get to the point and say who you are and what you do in 140 characters. Plus you can add a link to your curv.me resumé to give interested employers & recruiters the full story.

If the @curvme Twitter feed is anything to go by, Recruiters are very active on Twitter so why not join them?

If you’re a graduate, a jobseeker or looking to change jobs here’s what we suggest:

  1. Get a coffee (or your favourite non-alcoholic beverage)
  2. Create a curv.me CV or Resumé (it’s free and will take about 10 minutes to complete)
  3. Practice writing your Twesumé (by this stage you’ll have written your Bio in your curv.me resumé so you should already be close)
  4. Start tweeting your Twesumé (remember to target the right people … don’t spam! and remember to link to your curv.me resumé)

The full Twesume post on Mashable.


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11 12 / 2011

Graduates and the 2012 job market

There are some frightening figures floating around about Graduate recruitment. For example, in 2009, only 19.7% of college graduates were hired directly out of school; down from 26% in 2008 and 51% in 2007 (NACE).

I’d love to see what the 2010 and 2011 figures are and what 2012 holds. Unfortunately the figures will undoubtedly show a bleak outlook.

If you’re a recent graduate fear not. Yes, the process might be more difficult than when your parents went looking for their first jobs but by being proactive and taking initiative and your chances will improve dramatically.

Here’s a great article with ‘3 Proven Keys to Success for Recent Grads

Like anything in life you have to work hard to get what you want. The same applies to creating an effective resumé.

Get a cup of coffee, turn off your IM/Skype/Twitter/Facebook/RSS feeds and focus on creating a resumé that best represents who you are, the experience that you have and the professional development you’ve undertaken (obviously we recommend using a modern resumé like curv.me).

Once you’ve finished it put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter or hiring manager and try to evaluate your resumé from the point of view of someone who has never met you and who receives hundreds of other resumés each day. Do you stand out? Are people able to understand who you are and what you do in under a minute? If not, go back to the drawing board.

Remember, it isn’t all doom and gloom. Stay positive, stay motivated and never ever give up.

If you’re a recent graduate or are just looking at ways to improve your CV or Resumé you may be interested in Getting the best out of your curv.me resumé.

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08 12 / 2011

Social Media and your resumé or CV

So, you’ve got a few photo’s on Facebook you’re not proud of, there’s a few things you wrote about your previous company (or boss) that make you sound bitter, and a quick scan of your Facebook page gives the impression that you always swear like a pirate. 

Your friends may be fans, but future employers won’t look too kindly on it.

Any recruiter or hiring manager worth their salt will find your social media pages before offering you a position. You may not like it but it’s a fact.

If you’re a recent graduate or have been in the job market for a while there are 2 things you should do when it comes to social media and your CV/Resumé:

  1. Clean up your social presence - make sure that your social media pages give a positive view of who you are. Be yourself, but keep the bad stuff away from prying eyes.
  2. Be upfront - add your social media links to your CV or resumé. Recruiters will be happy you did and your chances of making shortlists will improve.

Curv.me is a modern way to resumé. Write a bio, add navigation, upload a photo, add a video cv (if you’re good on camera) and link all of your social media pages in one modern and personal online resumé.

View other curv.me resumés or create your own curv.me resumé here - it’s free! … and it’s also easy for anyone to use.


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