16 4 / 2012

Small Business Websites and the effect of social media

Small to medium size businesses are starting to realise the need for a costly website is fading fast.

Gone are the days of forking out truck loads of money on a website that takes ages to build, is costly to develop and requires paying a web designer hourly rates to make simple text changes. 

These days companies should be using Facebook and Twitter to interact with their customers, while having an easy-to-use website as their central hub … a website that:

  • doesn’t cost a lot to develop
  • doesn’t cost anything to maintain and update
  • has low annual hosting fees
  • is indexed by search engines (Google)
  • is professional 
  • easily links to your social media pages

A cost effective solution

curv.me is the easiest website builder on the market to use. You don’t need any coding or design skills and you can be up and running in minutes. 

You can start free and then upgrade to unlock all the features. 

Curv.me examples

See some of the websites that have already been created using the curv.me website builder:

  1. curv.me/mountain-hi/
  2. http://curv.me/switcher/
  3. http://daydle.com/

curv.me - Now anyone can build a website.

28 3 / 2012

Curv.me launches new website builder

We’ve just launched our new website builder and you can start out using it for free and then upgrade to unlock all of the features.

Our website builder is probably the easiest builder on the market to use. It requires no design or coding skills and can be set up in 5 minutes.

All accounts start out free and users can upgrade to:

  • open more fonts
  • choose from more themes
  • get analytics
  • remove the curv.me branding 
  • use their own domain name (ie: www.yourcompany.com)

 The website builder is perfect for:

  • small businesses needing an online presence that easily links to their social media pages
  • freelancers
  • businesses needing campaign pages or landing pages
  • business who are opening new divisions

Give it a spin today at www.curv.me or view some examples at:

  1. http://daydle.com/
  2. http://curv.me/model-inc/
  3. http://curv.me/paws-pet-shop/